Air Force Assets

Our camouflage netting is concealing the assets of many air force equipment and assets all over the country. We provide airmen with state of the art camouflage netting with all the relevant features being incorporated in their design. With proven experience in the field of air camouflage, we can provide material like hanger camouflaging equipments customized to the specific requirements.

In different terrains of the country where air force and paratroopers operate have sharply contrasting environments. Dry, sand-color could change into lush forests within a short period. Airborne troops could be stationed in the forest and instructed to move to a rocky mountain the next day. Our solution to such scenario is double-sided camouflage, each side having different colors and patterns, one for each landscape.

We draw on our experience to advise you on the best way to conceal your advancing air troops. We offer expertise in air camouflage techniques for air assets.